Read GraphPad Prism .pzfx files into R. It tries to understand different .pzfx table formats, e.g. replicates as subcolumns, or mean-sd-n as subcolumns etc and adds proper suffix to column names of the parsed output.


To list tables in a .pzfx file


To read a specific table from a .pzfx file

df <- read_pzfx("/path/to/my/pzfx/file", 1) # read first table
df <- read_pzfx("/path/to/my/pzfx/file", "Table Name") # read table by name

To write a data frame or matrix to a .pzfx file

write_pzfx(df, "/path/to/my/pzfx/file")

To write a list of data frames or matrices to a .pzfx file

write_pzfx(list("Table Name 1" = df1, "Table Name 2" = df2), "/path/to/my/pzfx/file")